Governor Abbott Executive Order

Governor Abbott has issued an executive order reconfirming that no school district may require any person to wear a mask.  (7/29/21) “4. To further ensure that no governmental entity can mandate masks, the following requirements shall continue to apply:...

HB 4545 FAQ

TEA has updated the FAQ on HB 4545 (7/29/21)

HB 4545 Webinar 3

The third TEA produced webinar on HB 4545 from 7/20 briefly reviews the first 2 presentations and has several slides on the ARD process for ALC’s.   There is a PDF of the presentation also.  The youtube gives additional clarification of the presented slides. HB...

Parent’s Rights

TEA has posted information about parent’s rights in regard to retention based  SB 1697.

State Issues

I’ve attached the TEDA Government Awareness report for 7/21.  It includes links to information about hb 4545 as well as links to the proposed update of the dyslexia manual. State Issues HB 4545 eliminates the retention and retesting requirements for the State of...