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The DiaLog is the official journal of the Texas Educational Diagnosticians’ Association.  For questions about the DiaLog, please email Renee Kwiatek at dialogeditor@gmail.com.

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The 2020-2021 Membership form has been added.  Please note that memberships do not prorate.  They all expire July 31st of each year, no matter when you join.   Please note our new address:  P. O. Box 5202 Victoria, TX  77903.

TEDA Conference 2021

 December 6th – 7th in Waco (fingers crossed)

If we cannot do it live, we will do another virtual conference. 


Texas Educational Diagnosticians’ Week is March 1 – 5, 2021.  We hope you will be honored that week!!  We appreciate you!

Hot Topics

HB 3880

Lori, TEDA Governmental Awareness Officer,  reported recently that HB 3880 passed both the House and the Senate.  While this is true, once the bill passed the Senate, the House pulled it in for conference as they did not like some of the changes made by the Senate...

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HB 3880 passed in House and Senate

HB 3880 has passed in the House and Senate and is headed to the Governor. (5/26/21)  The link below will take you to the Texas Legislature Online site for those who would like to view the progress of the bill and read it.  I've also attached the final bill analysis...

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HB 3880

The video of the Senate Committee open meeting on HB 3880 has been posted to Texas Online.  If you are interested in hearing what witnesses said about the bill, the link is provided below (5/21/21).  The discussion on this bill starts not quite an hour into the video....

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Important Dyslexia Bill

Bill Analysis has been posted for HB 3880 dealing with Texas' Dyslexia Model and IDEA.  A link to this is provided below. The bill analysis gives an explanation of the purpose or intent of the bill.  The bill passed the House on 5/14/21 and is headed toward the...

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TEA Postings

TEA has posted the amounts districts will recieve from the American Rescue Plan Act. https://tea.texas.gov/about-tea/news-and-multimedia/correspondence/taa-letters/release-of-esser-iii-formula-funds-to-texas-public-school-systems Release of ESSER III Formula Funds to...

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