The Dr. Ralph Hausman TEDA Scholarship

Texas Educational Diagnostician Association

The Dr. Ralph Hausman TEDA Scholarship

 Professional Scholarship Guidelines  2023


All applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s Degree or certification endorsement program to become an Educational Diagnostician, or AC certification as an Educational Diagnostician.

Application Process

The following items will be required for the application process:

Applicant Application Letter

  1. This letter is an important part of the application process; so please give careful thought and consideration to your response. Applicant letter must include:
  • Name
  • Address
  • City/State/Zip
  • Phone #
  • E-mail address
  • Educational plans
  • Career plans and aspirations
  • Planned use for scholarship funds
  1. Reference letters

Please provide two (2) reference letters. The letter must include name, email address and phone number where the reference can be contacted. One letter must be from a professor/supervisor. The second letter may come from the following sources and may not include a family member.

  • Co-worker
  • Teacher/Professor
  • School Administrator or Supervisor
  • Professional Miscellaneous (not a family member)
  1. Applicant Educational Information:
  •  Most recent transcript
  • Acceptance letter into a program
  • Please include information on any additional scholastic achievement or awards and scholarships you have received.

Applications Accepted

• Applications will be accepted until 6/30/2023.

Date of Award

• Winner(s) will be notified by letter and will be invited to attend the TEDA conference to be recognized. The winner(s) will be announced at the TEDA conference and posted in the DIALOG.

Completed Application Package

• Your completed application package must be postmarked no later than 6/30/2023.  The application package needs to include all of the required information.  Please do not mail until all is complete.

• Please forward your completed application package in its entirety to the following:

Ms. Cynthia Edwards

Attention: Dr. Ralph Hausman TEDA Scholarship Application

P.O. Box 10873

Houston, TX 77206

Questions regarding the TEDA Scholarship may be directed to:

Cynthia Edwards

[email protected]


Brenda Keys

[email protected]

NOTE: Subject line should be; “TEDA Scholarship Questions”