State and Federal Issues

Mar 21, 2024

State Issues

The draft of the updated Dyslexia Manual was presented at the February State Board of Education

Instruction Committee meeting. It was posted in the Texas Registry on March 1 st . The changes are up

for public comment through April 1st at 5:00 PM. The manual is reported to be on the State Board of

Education’s agenda for Thursday, April 11. Those wishing to speak at the meeting must register to do

so between April 1 st and April 5 th . Currently, pages 34 and 35 detail who needs to be part of the

evaluation team and the training they must have. In addition, pages 37 and 38 discuss who has to be at

the ARD and the training they must have.


TEA has published it’s 2023 Annual Report. Page seven details the increase in assessments and eligible

students from 2017/18 through 2022/23. (9.2% to 12.7%)


Federal Issues

CEC reported that the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division investigated Pasco County School

District in Florida for discriminatory practices regarding student discipline for student with disabilities.