Minutes from the General Meeting 12/3/2018

Nov 21, 2019

Please review the minutes from the General Meeting 12/3/2018.  Any comments, questions, or corrections can be addressed to [email protected]

Introduction of the Board

President:  Kim Quiram

President Elect: Leah Lambeth

Past President:  Lori Harris

Recording Secretary:  Georgene Moon

Membership Secretary:  Jeanne McKinney

Treasurer:  Brenda Keys

Governmental Awareness: Lori Harris

Conference Committee: Renee Kwiatek & Jeanne McKinney

DiaLog Editor: Renee Kwiatek

Organizational Affairs: Gloria Key, Frieda Grigsby

Advisor: Dr. Cindy Simpson, Dr. Ralph Hausman (not in attendance)

Roll Call: 

Chapter Roll Call

  1. x
  2. x
  3. x
  4. x
  5. x
  6. x
  7. x


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At Large. X

16 of 20 chapters were represented and no members at large.

Call to Order

Call to Order made by Kim Quiram, TEDA President at 12:05 PM and introduction of the Board were made. Kim reviewed the procedures for the meeting to ensure enough time for the key note speaker.


Corrections were called for and Motion made by Thelene Scarborough to accept minutes of October 2017 Meeting as read.  Motion seconded by Diane Broome. All in favor and motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report

Brenda Keys gave Treasurer’s Report.  Balance as of 8-12-18 was $145,961.30.  Total Expenses for the year were $40,952.72. Ending Balance as of 11-28-18 was $264,632.58.

Treasurer’s report will be placed on file.

Membership and Insurance Report

Jeanne McKinney reviewed changes to the TEDA website and told all members present to go online and make any updates needed.  As of 12-3-18:  935 members; 637 have purchased insurance and 33 have purchased private insurance.   Jeanne encouraged all present to contact her with their chapter officers’ names and explained reimbursement procedures.  Denise Cervantez motioned and Annette Lonza seconded.  All in favor & motion carried.

Officer and Committee Reports

President’s Report – Kim Quiram

Proclamation has been requested from Governor Abbott.  We are using Mail Chimp and need corrected emails.  Diagnosticians” Week will be March 4-8, 2019.  There were no other officer reports.

Old Business

No old business to discuss.

New Business

Lori Harris, called for officer nominations, for Diagnostician of the Year Nominations and the TEDA Hall of Fame. All nominations are due by December 31.


Motion made by Lori Harris to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Dr. Corina Cole. Motion carried and meeting adjourned at 12:28 followed by awarding of door prizes.