TEDA Hall of Honor Award & Diagnostician of the Year

Nov 11, 2023

Did you know that TEDA has an opportunity for statewide recognition for The TEDA Hall of Honor Award as well as Diagnostician of the Year Awards. If you know a person at the local level who you feel deserves recognition either at the state level or your local level, consider looking at the requirements.  For more information about these award opportunities, go to the TEDA website and download the information on the nomination process as well as the forms needed for these awards. Have questions? Email: tedapastpresident@gmail.com

TEDA Hall of Honor Award

The TEDA Hall of Honor Award, which is the highest honor given to recognize members, former members, and others who have demonstrated outstanding service to the professional community of Educational Diagnosticians and to the TEDA Organization.  This award is offered annually for one nominee.  Submission is due by 12-15-2023. 

Diagnostician of the Year Award

The second opportunity for recognition is the Diagnostician of the Year Award.  This award comes from local chapters that have an elected Board and who wish to nominate and select a chapter member as their Diagnostician of the Year and share that information with the TEDA State Board for public recognition at our annual conference.  Submission for these local chapter awards must come from the local chapter Board and are due by 1-15-2024.