SB 1 was passed in the Senate on 10/12/23

Oct 16, 2023

SB 1 has been referred to the House.  The bill proposes to “provide additional educational options to assist families in this state in exercising the right to direct the educational needs of their children.”  According to the fiscal note, “the bill would have a 2024­/25 biennial cost of $500,000,000 in General Revenue Funds.”  In other words, the state will provide 500 million dollars of public tax funds to be spent outside of the public-school setting for students to attend private schools.  Having said that, the legislative session has done nothing to raise funding for public school during 88th regular session.   “While school finance isn’t on the special session call yet, Governor Greg Abbott has said once he is sent a school choice bill to sign into law, he will open the session agenda to public school funding legislation.”  In other words, if the Governor does not get a voucher bill to sign, public schools will not get additional funding.  Please let your representatives know that Public Taxes should be spent to support Public Schools.